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Embark on the journey of Pickett's Mill Armory's digital transformation with the revamped Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, these online purveyors of high-quality AR-15 parts faced a challenge – their previous website lacked the professionalism and responsiveness needed in the competitive world of eCommerce. Seeking expertise, they turned to MAKDigital, impressed by our success in the firearms industry.

BigCommerce Development Services

BigCommerce Development:

Leveraging the capabilities of BigCommerce, we ensured a professional and responsive website, addressing scalability, security, and adaptability for future needs.

BigCommerce Integrations:

Integrating essential tools streamlined business operations, reducing manual efforts, and enhancing the overall customer experience. This move contributed to improved efficiency, ensuring a seamless and optimized shopping experience for Pickett's Mill Armory's clientele.

Custom Templates + Webpages:

In the realm of custom development, we tailored templates to create a consistent and visually appealing brand image. The impact was a cohesive visual identity, fostering a sense of professionalism and reliability.

Custom Features & Functionality:

The introduction of Custom Features & Functionality, including additional-product-tabs, custom-built BigCommerce templates, React mobile navigation, and side carts, further enriched the user experience. The impact? A more convenient and enjoyable shopping process for visitors.

BigCommerce Design Services

Art Direction / Web Design:

Embarking on Pickett's Mill Armory's digital evolution, we first addressed the lack of a distinct online identity through Art Direction and Web Design. The redesign aimed to eliminate excessive whitespace and add a touch of style, creating a professional and trustworthy atmosphere for visitors.

UI Design:

In the realm of UI Design, our focus was on crafting interfaces to provide a positive shopping experience. Improving layouts and introducing modern design elements not only enhanced user engagement but also boosted the chances of successful transactions, fostering a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.

UX Design:

To enrich the overall user experience (UX Design), we implemented custom web development, introducing features like a side cart, responsive design, and wish lists. This streamlined the shopping process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Color Palette:

A carefully curated color palette reflected the brand's identity, reinforcing recognition and establishing a memorable visual presence.

BigCommerce SEO Services

Applications & Integrations:

Our search engine optimization teams, employed advanced tools such as BigCommerce Stencil, Rewind Data Backups, Searchanise Search, ShipperHQ, Klaviyo, and Ship Station. The why? To ensure optimal website performance, seamless transactions, and efficient management of operations. The impact? A website primed for success, equipped with the tools to efficiently manage day-to-day tasks and transactions.


Through meticulous redesign and development, MAKDigital not only met but exceeded the expectations set by Pickett's Mill Armory. The collaborative effort transformed their eCommerce platform, addressing issues of professionalism and responsiveness. The new website not only enhances user experience but also positions Pickett's Mill Armory to overcome future eCommerce challenges. This collaboration has empowered them to expand their reach, increase sales, and establish a secure and trustworthy online presence.

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